Fevers of the Mind Poetry Blog

OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS  (send to feversofthemind@gmail.com) include a small bio & send on doc or word formats.  Previously published work can be accepted in poetry only.  The poetry must have been from your personal books, blog, medium, twitter, facebook, instagram.  I will not publish knowingly any work that has been published in another’s litmag. WorkContinue reading “Fevers of the Mind Poetry Blog”

No Miracles to Come (c) Gerald Jatzek

Were three kings came from the west, one had stars burned in his chest, one was cursed, one was blessed Three kings.   Were three kings came in a tank, names were bombs and bread and bank, played the fool, the freak, the crank Three kings   Were three kings, their songs were sung byContinue reading “No Miracles to Come (c) Gerald Jatzek”

2 More Poems about Generalized Anxiety Disorder (c) David L O’Nan (also in Headline Poetry & Press)

General Anxiety #1 Welcome to your new heel It is open for you to explore Sit here in shouts Stand there in silence Dodging bullets from an invisible force Or will it to be an illness Eating away the grit on my bones I struggle when I pray Can I defeat a demon? When itsContinue reading “2 More Poems about Generalized Anxiety Disorder (c) David L O’Nan (also in Headline Poetry & Press)”

She Played Loretta Lynn During the Tornado (c) David L O’Nan

A neanderthal growl at the Valentine’s Disco I became immune to all the jealous howls I was dancing with the town’s beauty crown winner in between fish sticks and french fries. In an Old Milwaukee second A whole army of testosterone belching In hopes to swoon the girl With liars, lies telling how sexy theyContinue reading “She Played Loretta Lynn During the Tornado (c) David L O’Nan”

Blackout (c) Hillesha

*this poem/writing was based on a dream my wife Hillesha had around October last year and was published in Fevers of the Mind Poetry Digest Issue 3 in November 2019* *She feels that this dream could have been metaphors based on what we are all currently dealing or about to deal with around the worldContinue reading “Blackout (c) Hillesha”

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