Screwed Up in Beaver Dam (c) David L O’Nan

Satirical humor poetry/prose freewriting stream of thought style. Screwed Up in Beaver Dam   A feeling of grit in my throat The road kept stretching further and further down a lick of ice I lost that number from that bar That girl named after a drink special, I think All was drunk, I definitely was StuffedContinue reading “Screwed Up in Beaver Dam (c) David L O’Nan”

Holiday Mass (c) Gerald Jatzek

holiday mass the accordeon is sweating tango pearls on the skin of spanish dancers lord and lady lizardhead lipless vile and lidless under lampoons of lore raising their hands in nuremburg fashion they hail the high priest his orchards his nails that pin the star to the jacket that pin the cross to the wordContinue reading “Holiday Mass (c) Gerald Jatzek”

Flesh of the Republic, Serial, Bitching Anamnesis (c) Kushal Poddar

Flesh of the Republic Body and flesh float away. Rivulets. Entire sky seeks an address, finds my vein instead. Where will you lose the threads that sew a quilt, patchwork, tales? Winter comes and goes; frost never melts; you know what I mean. Body and flesh float into my vein, and I ask them forContinue reading “Flesh of the Republic, Serial, Bitching Anamnesis (c) Kushal Poddar”

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