Fevers of the Mind Poetry Blog

OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS  (send to feversofthemind@gmail.com) include a small bio & send on doc or word formats.  Previously published work can be accepted in poetry only.  The poetry must have been from your personal books, blog, medium, twitter, facebook, instagram.  I will not publish knowingly any work that has been published in another’s litmag. WorkContinue reading “Fevers of the Mind Poetry Blog”

Screwed Up in Beaver Dam (c) David L O’Nan

Satirical humor poetry/prose freewriting stream of thought style. Screwed Up in Beaver Dam   A feeling of grit in my throat The road kept stretching further and further down a lick of ice I lost that number from that bar That girl named after a drink special, I think All was drunk, I definitely was StuffedContinue reading “Screwed Up in Beaver Dam (c) David L O’Nan”

On Being Awake at 5 A.M. by Stu Buck

  some days my sadness is so magnificent that an acrid taste lingers in the mouth of the night and i think about the thousand ways that i might die and i think about the birds   Stuart Buck is a Best of the Net/PushCart Prize/BIFFY50 nominated poet and artist living in North Wales.  HisContinue reading “On Being Awake at 5 A.M. by Stu Buck”

Springtime, Easily (c) K Weber

AUTHOR BIO: K Weber lives and writes in southwestern Ohio. THIS ASSEMBLY is her 5th self-published online chapbook and audiobook project. Her writing has been included in issues of Memoir Mixtapes, Detritus Online, Black Bough Poetry, Writer’s Digest, Moonchild Magazine, Theta Wave and more! Her photography has appeared in such literary magazines as Barren MagazineContinue reading “Springtime, Easily (c) K Weber”

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