Fevers of the Mind Poetry Blog

OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS  (send to feversofthemind@gmail.com) include a small bio & send on doc or word formats.  Previously published work can be accepted in poetry only.  The poetry must have been from your personal books, blog, medium, twitter, facebook, instagram.  I will not publish knowingly any work that has been published in another’s litmag. WorkContinue reading “Fevers of the Mind Poetry Blog”

Patience of egrets (c) Peach Delphine

This shore of conch and mangrove, Rain, our mother tongue, Cast down as glyphs beaten into sand, It requires the patience of egrets The long glide of pelicans To endure the loss of your hands Weight of your body in the warm night As clock light breathes against the ceiling   This weather of absence,Continue reading “Patience of egrets (c) Peach Delphine”

Ceaseless & My Night as a Scar on Your Chin (c) Foy Timms (2 poems)

Ceaseless The moon is stapled to the night sky. He is lying carefully across each memory. Salvaging a winter of tenderness before the street shrinks. Her face perpetually recurring. Ceaseless. When apparitions of touch escape thinly onto tomorrow.     My Night as a Scar on your Chin I abandon my belongings on your chest,Continue reading “Ceaseless & My Night as a Scar on Your Chin (c) Foy Timms (2 poems)”

The Roller Disco (c) Steve Denehan

The Roller Disco I held my daughter’s hand as we stumble-skated long circles of hearts stopping and hearts racing exchanging eyes-to-heaven glances with another father it was almost empty and the music echoed besides us, there were a group of girls slurping blue slushies and chattering in gasps then, I saw another teenage girl aloneContinue reading “The Roller Disco (c) Steve Denehan”

Wolf-Lieberman(c) Stu Buck

wolf-lieberman as the news anchor tells us it is time, we can think of nothing better to do than to watch deep impact the sky drops to an awful stillborn pink          tia leone refuses a seat on the last helicopter a man burns alive in front of his daughter    elijahContinue reading “Wolf-Lieberman(c) Stu Buck”

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